The streaming platform Twitch suffered a massive data leak earlier today as confidential company information, and the earnings of streamers were all released.

According to BBC News, more than 100GB of data was posted online today (Wednesday October 6).

Documents appeared to show payments made to streamers from August or September 2019 to October 2021 revealing that the top streamers had made millions from the Amazon-owned platform in the past two years.

Among the files there were sections that had data on developer tools and information security, as well as some claiming it had source code for Twitch’s website plus other related services.

It was all labelled as ‘Part One’ indicating that there might be more to come.

Twitch has not yet offered any comment on the situation and the UK's Information Commissioner's Office said it had not been notified of any data breach by Twitch or Amazon.

How do I protect my Twitch account?

Setting up two-factor authentication for your Twitch account is the best way to protect it.

To do this you’ll need to log into Twitch and click on your avatar.

From there you go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Security and Privacy’ before scrolling down to ‘Security’.

Then click on ‘Edit Two-Factor Authentication’ to see if this is already turned on.

If it is not then it will guide you to setting it up. You will need your phone number for this as logging into your Twitch account after this will require you inputting a code texted to your phone.

Changing your account password would also be helpful.