A NORTH-EAST security products businesses, has announced record results, with a 75 per cent increase in turnover and a 45 per cent increase in operating profit.

Based in the North-East, but operating globally, Bastion Security Products is a Government and Ministry of Defence approved supplier of industry leading modular physical security systems.

Established almost 40 years ago, Bastion – which re-located in 2019 to the former Vickers Tank Factory on Scotswood Road, Newcastle – has continued to push the boundaries of physical security design and manufacture to protect people and assets from present and future dangers.

At the heart of this is a major commitment to R&D, with the business committing over £150,000 to this, this year.

As a result of this, Bastion has secured significant defence contracts for their unique design, highest level system, from the MOD.

Managing director Tom Deevy said: ”I am delighted with our recent results. We have seen a major growth in turnover and operating profits and we have doubled our workforce.

“We constantly strive to produce innovative cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of customers both in the UK and overseas and our reputation is continuing to grow worldwide.

“Our work with the MOD has been particularly satisfying as we provide our unique, highest security solutions to them.”

Bastion is concentrating on significant research and development projects, both to improve existing products and develop new ones, and is also working on a major export drive into security-friendly new markets which it hopes will help enable it to become the UK benchmark supplier of highest-level multi-threat modular systems within the next five years.

Bastion’s background was in supplying commercial robbery protection for banks and cash-handling environments and protective containment within the majority of UK courts handling terrorist and organised crime trials.

In 2010 Bastion Security moved into the development of a series of modular high security room building and partitioning systems, for multi sector applications to diversify away from the banking sector.

This proved to be a significant development for the business and their commitment to innovative design and the highest levels of security, allowed them to bid for significant contracts, where National Security was an issue.

Bastion’s modular systems are used in a wide range of applications from securing radioactive source materials in medical environments to government computer data halls, from ultra-secure meeting rooms to the containment of weapons and explosives.

Aiding their success, Bastion Security Products re-located in 2019 to the former Vickers Tank Factory on Scotswood Road by arrangement with The Reece Group in Newcastle.

Mr Deevy said: “This move has been transformational for the business in terms of working environment and offering us available space for further expansion.

“We are now working in a superb environment with all the necessary security and facilities to help accommodate our rapid growth.”