COMMERCIAL law specialist Muckle LLP has launched a free helpdesk to support businesses and organisations dealing with the impact of coronavirus.

The North-East firm is offering businesses the opportunity to call or email to speak to a lawyer for personal advice on accessing the most suitable information.

Jason Wainwright, managing partner at Muckle, said: “It is fantastic to see how everyone in the business community is pulling together and trying to help each other during the crisis, but there is so much information that is changing all the time and it is confusing for businesses and organisations.

“After launching a Covid-19 support hub on our website a few weeks ago, which has seen a lot of traffic, we have created our helpdesk to guide companies to the material and resources that are most helpful for their situation. It’s a step further than our online hub because it is a personal service with free access directly to our lawyers.

“Every business and organisation is different and having someone knowledgeable available to listen and respond to queries over the phone, on email or face to face through Skype, can save people valuable time and give them confidence that they are following the right guidance.”

Contact the helpdesk on 0191 211 7773 or by email at