TWO North East business brands have formed a partnership to host a series of regional business events.

Rugby team Newcastle Falcons has joined magazine BUSINESSiQ, published by LOCALiQ, to hold multiple networking events, which will include key speakers from successful businesses and organisations across the region.

With the topic of the first event, held on the March 31 in Newton Aycliffe, being leadership and the key traits needed in both business and sport, coach of the Newcastle Falcons, Dean Richards will be the guest speaker.

Mr Richards was a rugby union player with Leicester, England and the British Lions, and will be speaking about his experience of being part of a team, and of leading one.

A representative from Leadership Margin, which has more than 30 years of military experience in high-pressure operational leadership roles, plus eight years of working with elite sports teams, will also be at the event.

Ryan Fenwick, sales director for LOCALiQ in Darlington, said: "Leadership on the pitch and leadership in business go hand in hand, so it seemed a natural partnership between BusinessiQ and Newcastle Falcons. BUSINESSiQ magazine, published once per quarter, is fast becoming the region's 'turn-to' source of business news and we’re thrilled to be running a series of business networking events, with Newcastle Falcons, throughout 2020."

Speaking to The Northern Echo about the new partnership, co-captain of the Falcons Micky Young, from Hartlepool, shared some of the lessons he has learnt whilst leading the rugby team, and how he has learnt to overcome the challenges which the role presents.

He said: "The biggest challenge of leading a rugby team is dealing with nearly 50 players, all of whom have their own thoughts and emotions going on. Each individual is different, and sometimes they need different things from their co-captain, but its about finding what brings them all together."

Mr Young, along with a small group of leaders, said the team has developed a culture and common denominator which brings the Falcons together.

He said: "We've called the culture True North, and its made up of four values. These are that we will always be resourceful and diligent, open to challenge, a tight team and role models to the community.

"We came up with the name because we were inspired by the Toronto Raptors basketball team, who are the most northern team in their sport. Because of that they always feel like the outsiders, having to travel South and we can relate to that. So we've embraced being the outsiders, because we've found a way to connect with each other better through being so."

John Oates, the head of commercial at Newcastle Falcons, said: "These keynote presentations provide us with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with our current business customers and the power of the LOCALiQ digital agency allows us to link with a new audience. We are excited about the relationship, the business outcomes it can provide for us and also the provision of quality presentations for the local business decision makers.

"Newcastle Falcons and LOCALiQ might be businesses which differ in purpose, but we're still both businesses at the end of the day and can learn things from one another, which is the aim of these tailored events."

More details on BUSINESSiQ magazine, along with how to get hold of a copy, can be found on website