THE Tees Valley Mayor has showcased the North-East’s work to become a UK-leader in offshore wind at a three-day industry event.

At this year's International Offshore Delegation in Hartlepool, organised by NOF Energy, Ben Houchen gave a presentation to showcase the region's work to almost 50 business leaders and government officials from across the world.

The event, which began on Wednesday, June 26 and finished on Friday, June 28, included representatives from 21 countries.

Mr Houchen said: “The offshore wind sector represents a huge opportunity for jobs and economic growth in the region.

“Our brilliant supply chain has been winning contracts from around the world and, with the world’s biggest wind farm coming just 80 miles off the North East coast at Dogger Bank, we’re a perfect location for future investment.

“I’m delighted we’ve been able to demonstrate our existing expertise to these emerging markets, and show that Tees Valley can lead the way in delivering clean energy for the UK.

“In a post-Brexit world, there will be ample potential to throw open our doors and do business with countries that are just now looking to capitalise on the sector.

"In showing them how we do business, we can sow the seeds of future collaboration.”

Mr Houchen's presentation came as scoping plans to build a huge wind turbine plant on the former site of Redcar Steelworks, were announced earlier in the month.

Billingham-based demolition and decommissioning firm ABLE UK submitted its scoping plans for a 72-hectare site, which would be used for the construction and assembly of offshore wind turbines.


More windfarms could appear on the North-East coast

Thousands of jobs could be available at the site, if plans are approved by the council.

Joanne Leng, deputy chief executive at NOF Energy, said: "The North-East of England, including Tees Valley, is an exemplar of a region that has developed a mature cluster of offshore wind activity, led by technology-focused companies.

"Emerging markets can look to this region and see how its industry has evolved to meet the requirements of offshore renewables while delivering economic and value-added benefits to the area."